BNY Mellon

IIM, a BNY Mellon digital tool for investment professionals

Client: Spies&Assassins
Date: May 7, 2013
Services: UX, UI

Project Overview

BNY Mellon investment tools

In 2013 I spent some time at a small New York based division of KBS+, “Spies and Assassins” to help their team in realizing some preliminary user experience and UI work for an upcoming BNY Mellon proposal.

Client: Spies&Assassins
Date: May 7, 2013
Services: UX, UI

Problem Statement

The suite of tools available to most Investment Officers in 2013 was cumbersome, overly complex and in some cases complicated previously easier tasks

We had a week and a half before the client presentation to discover who our user types were, their use cases, potential flows and then develop a few UI solutions to show we were headed in the right direction.


Let’s understand the tools and flows the 3 user types might need

Given the limited timeline, we divided the days as follows:

  • 1 day for KYC onboarding, research and 1 interview
  • 2 days for low fidelity sketches and internal problem-solving
  • 1 day for internal review and low fidelity refinements
  • 2 days for design and refinements
  • 1 day for the final deck, rehearsal
  • client presentation

Below represents my key deliverables to the team and BNY Mellon clients for the presentation. Please bear in mind this body of work is only for a client facing proposal for new business, not already agreed upon deliverables and a SOW agreement.


Here are the final visuals that were presented to the client for consideration

After the research, sketching and problem-solving phase it was time to create some visuals. These were my contributions to that process.


Spies&Assassins won the new business initiative!

The clients were happy with the research and conceptual visual explorations we delivered as a solution to a very legitimate business case and need. They seemed exceptionally happy that we took the time and effort within such a short timeline to better understand their users and their pain points.