Dunkin Donuts – Survey Analysis

Client: Personal project
Date: February 20, 2018
Services: Service Design, Strategy


While Dunkin Donuts is one of America’s top 3 national coffee brands, it is not immune to shifts in consumer behavior and increased competition. We know from continuously ongoing research, data and key user activities where some of these shifts in user expectations are occurring and what opportunities they present for the Dunkin Donuts brand.

Part one, of a two-phase analysis examines the Dunkin Donuts survey process that a customer is asked to complete in-store.

Part two deals with ethnographic observations from two store locations and is available by request only.


The full case study reveals that Dunkin Donuts has several opportunities just within its survey process ecosystem to grow multiple areas of its business. Maybe more importantly, how do they get the vast majority who are “too busy” or find the survey “not important” to participate? While some of this is positioned in this work, there are associated strategies not outlined here that can potentially further answer some of these questions. This is bigger than an aging “America runs on Dunkin” campaign and requires further service design thinking and solutions.

The Typeform survey link is still live here

What would I improve with this case study?

  • I got a good sense of the Dunkin archetype and would complete those and position them over the personas.
  • I would conduct more user interviews and focus on the motivations for filling out the survey to validate another hypothesis I have about the individuals that frequent Dunkin Donuts.
  • Visit more than 3 locations and in different parts of the state since user behavior will be different. A national study? Most likely.
  • Interview staff and other franchise owners at other locations and include more of their story.
  • Try to better understand the purpose of the survey and Dunkin Donuts business objectives.
  • Interview Dunkin Donuts senior stakeholders if that were possible.
  • Present some of my ideas to a franchise owner or Dunkin Donuts senior stakeholders for feedback to iterate on.