Panasonic Newark Cityscape

Is a responsive experience, synchronized across multiple device types that aggregates specific city data to form an always available source of information to a host of common Panasonic location-specific needs.

The Why

Panasonic contacted Sigma Group in 2013/14 to work on an internal facing responsive solution that employees both in Newark, NJ and those preparing to visit the newly built Panasonic HQ in Newark could use to access helpful location and POI data such as transportation, restaurants and hotels.

During the discovery, we discussed resources such as Foursquare and Yelp but soon realized the client would need a solution that aggregated and curated what datasets were displayed in an end solution. This work represents my contribution to the problem-solving process in building out the UX needs for the Panasonic Newark Cityscape experience.

My Roles

  • UX Research & Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Design

Process – Initial Steps

Without the ability to interview users based on a general technology, device and application discussion guide, I had to draw experiences from industries that used similar data sets and user flows in addition to the little information we gained from Panasonic directly. With this, I started looking at what Panasonic specific user flows and a sitemap would look like based on the business case and experience requirements.

When is registration and signing-in absolute musts of the experience?

Because of User 3, our “Future Visitor”, we don’t want to limit access to the experience because they would need access to the details within the various categories and topics to fully benefit from the tool. When this makes sense is when a user wants to comment on, share or favorite content.

Sitemaps and wireframes

Includes responsive solutions.

Since this was a smaller project at Sigma, I was also responsible for the final design deliverables

These are just a few of the final solution screens delivered to the client for the final build.