Puma Court Culture

While browsing Finishline last night, the Puma Court Culture immediately caught my attention with its mixed prints and patterns. Whenever  I see a well-done pair of mismatched shoes I get really excited because it takes skill to get right and can be very easy to get wrong. The mismatched design of the left and right shoe helps accent the wild side of this pair and feels like a more mature or carefully adhered to “mismatched” iteration of Nike’s “what the” recipe, a growing trend in sneaker drops over the last decade or so.

Puma Court Culture

It all makes sense.

The shoe embodies patterns on it’s upper from several fashion trends and timelines most consumers can identify with. We can see this in the ripped jeans, herringbone, paisley print, plaid, leopard print, stripes, floral motifs, and camo, just to outline a few.

Puma Court Culture

Other key details include wax shoelaces and what appears to be mismatched gussets. We find gold gussets on one side, silver on the other.

Seemingly very limited

Continuing what looks like the right move for Puma strategically, I was only able to find the Puma Court Culture at 6 retailers. This makes this released very limited and a plus in today’s footwear industry.

I’m not sure if this shoe will enjoy a wider release but if you’re a fan of the Puma Court, wild mismatched shoes and any of the aforementioned patterns and prints I’d take a closer look at this recent release from Puma. They’re almost sold out on Jimmy Jazz and are doing well on sneakerhead.com but are still available at these other retail partners in almost full sizes:

Disclaimer: I don’t work for any of the brands mentioned in this article nor am I a paid influencer.

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