2017 Custom Adidas UltraBoost Multi-color

This year was probably my most active in personal sneaker customizations, surely an extension of selling laces and sneaker accessories, too much instagram and daily sneaker culture. We are but products of our environments…

I was thoroughly impressed with the 2017 Adidas UltraBoost Multi-color as is but was also curious what the mid would look like in black since I had already done quite a few blacked out boost mids and was happy with the results on those. I picked up two pairs from the Adidas 5th Avenue store and went to work.

This was what I ended up with.


During the process, I swapped out the original Adidas flat laces for 42″ 8mm thick semi-oval laces, held in place by Gucci link styled lacelocks. I then added Yeezy styled aglets over the shoelaces regular plastic aglets.


I’m happy with the way these turned out and they seem to be pretty well received on the gram.

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