Vivo Id



On air identity and package created for VIVO in 2005 whilst I was a full time Art Director of “On Air” collateral for the newly formed TV network MUN2 in Los Angeles. My most major project, the task was to design the entire on air look and feel for the networks first “live” show “VIVO” starting with the programs ID. These are some screens of the final result plus a few extras.

Currently, this is still the logo and ID for the show some 10 years later. This was a bit surprising to me given MUN2 consistency in updating shows, adding new program ID’s and generally staying current in the networks design and show packaging.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Art Director of on air collateral
  • Create identity and On-Air pkg for VIVO
  • Collaborate with print team and off air AD
  • Manage freelancers

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