MyRWJF is a responsive portal that is only accessible to applicants or grantee’s, administrators and reviewers of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation application, administrative and review process. The purpose of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is to provide grants that support a wide array of research and programs which work towards improving the national Culture of Health.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Audit and UX recommendations
  • Client presentations and reviews
  • UI design
  • Invision Prototypes
  • Zeplin “lunch and learn” + team handoff


The user experience work done on this project was fairly light, mainly being an initial audit of what was done previously and requesting info from our client liason in terms of how the system worked or handled specific use cases beyond our initial assumptions.

Added Value

Desantis Breindel brought me in for what was initially a 1.5mth initiative to develop the phase two of this project but it was extended for 3mths due to timeline needs and extended added value I brought to the project. The first phase involved a UI/UX audit of the current system. I added features such as auto-save and notifications which the clients were huge fans of.  Some of my thinking aligned with past ideas the clients had wanted to adopt but technology was not as robust as it was when we approached the project in 2016.

In addition, I introduced the Desantis Breindel team to Zeplin, which is a desktop based app that allows for easy hand-off for front end development of websites and applications. It works seamlessly with Sketch which was what I used to do all UI and design work. All presentations and reviews both internal and client facing were created using Invision.