Sigma Group mobile experience

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Sigma Group mobile experience


While at Sigma Group as a freelance ACD/UX Designer one of our projects together involved lead UX work for a mobile friendly version of the Sigma Group web site.


I started with a competitive deck and then audit of Sigma’s existing content. It was highly recommended by myself that we only carry over the content useful to a mobile experience.  I also established UX personas so we could identify exactly who the visitors were. Once the team and I had agreed on a direction and content strategy I dove into rough sketches, then the sitemap and wireframes. We ended up with a one page, “mobile friendly” experience that was designed by Nina Marrero.

The mobile site is live and can be explored from your mobile device.

Role and responsibilities

ACD – UX Designer
  • Competitive deck
  • Content audit
  • UX Personas
  • Wireframes and sitemap