La mujer de mi hermano

La Mujer de mi Hermano

Movie poster


Final movie poster deliverable for the film “la mujer de mi hermano” under the approval of the films director Ricardo de Montreuil. Interestingly enough this contract project back in 2005 lead to a full time “Sr. AD of on air collateral” role at MUN2.


Ricardo(the director) and I were on the same page during our initial chat in wanting to see something organic or floral captured in the design. My inspiration came from a. a technique I had at the time which utilized leaf and floral silhouettes as masks and b. just clear direction and the opportunity to have fun with the work.

I started on a Friday evening and by Sunday evening this is what had survived the cut after exploring two directions. This was the version heading to senior executives at 20th Century Fox for a Yay or Nay.

20th Century Fox ended up going in a different direction.

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