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Dunkin Donuts


When a customer receives a receipt from Dunkin Donuts they are asked by the cashier to fill out a survey. To start the survey a customer must manually enter a website URL (www.telldunkin.com), then a 21 character survey code. The survey involves 14 steps, isn’t responsive and has a fairly dated design. After completing the survey the customer is provided a validation code they can write on the receipt. They can then take their receipt to any Dunkin Donuts for redemption. The reward? A free “classic” donut. Since a donut only costs $0.99 and is limited to the classic styles only the incentive or reward to complete the survey is not very high.


A proposed solution would be to place a scannable QR like code on the receipt. Scanning of the code or a unique identifier on the receipt no longer requires the user to go to telldunkin.com. Subsequently the Dunkin Donuts app would need to be updated to make use of the customers mobile camera so that they can scan this code from within the app. The length of the survey and design should also be addressed.  I recommend looking at Typeform as inspiration for a more modern and interactive form experience.

Lastly, the reward or DD Perks system should be revisited. If customers were able to accrue points that could be applied to larger purchases or programs this may increase the incentive and motivation for participation.

Brand Benefits

  1. Less receipts can lead to a reduction in franchise overhead. Some stores in larger cities where there is a high mobile and app usage rate may be able to completely move away from paper receipts all together.
  2. It helps the franchise and the DD brand become more eco-friendly.
  3. Aligns with industry data to suggest less and less people are opting for receipts. This article reveals that 90% of consumers surveyed if given the opportunity would rather have a digital or email receipt as opposed to a paper receipt.
  4. Expands the DD Perks program and adds deep motivational value and incentives to get the customers to complete the survey.