Advil – Thermacare

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Advil - Thermacare


As part of a pitch strategy in 2010 for new digital business Tribal DDB set out to create experiences which re-positioned Thermacare Heatwraps and Advil Pain relief as a regimen vs two standalone products. It was a great project because there were lots of accessible data points and content for research which helped solidify the strategy while helping to serve utilitarian needs as well.

One of the positions Matt Brand(Sr. Copywriter) and I pursued was to create an app that would help customers plagued with Chronic pain finally own that conversation and monitor ongoing regimens or seek medical assistance. The app and it’s offerings also interfaced with the larger body of pain sufferers to create a sense of community and sharing.

Roles and responsibilities

Sr Art Director
  • AD working with CW Matt Brand
  • Visual design
  • Digital strategy

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