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I enjoy the problem-solving process and helping users get to that place of overall better experiences…

I’ve spent over 19yrs doing what feels like a little bit of most disciplines in the creative space, having started at Seed Design & Advertising in Miami, Florida as a Jr. Graphic Designer commanding traditional advertising collateral (in a junior capacity) and a website design or two.  At Seed I took on Macromedia (Adobe) Flash out of curiosity and by the time I became a freelancer in 2006 I was developing full Flash site experiences, micro-sites and complex rich media banners for clients.

By 2006 I started to become more concerned with how users were navigating the Flash and HTML experiences I was helping to design, or in the case of flash, code. My designs were landing me high-level advertising clients via staffing agencies but when I looked past the designs and started to mentally navigate the pages, down to the levels we weren’t designing, something felt very very wrong. Suddenly, “beautiful pixels” weren’t the highest priority. Instead, how were users getting there, how were they navigating the site and would they enjoy their time there or absolutely hate it and why, all seemed to be more pressing and important questions.

While User Experience work existed at this time and was slowly defining some significant UX milestones, my mind was more focused on perfecting pretty pixels, not so much the behavioral sciences that drives users consciously or unconsciously through their collective mental models to react to my designs in a specific way.

In 2008 I became a “hybrid” and started taking on the smaller wireframe and sitemap work that came along with some of the projects I was a part of. It was during the American Airlines rebranding and reorganization work in 2013 that I made the decision to focus solely on bettering the experiences people had, not the ads and websites where they read about them.

At the end of 2017 I made the decision based on the recommendations of several peers and my last years focus to fully dedicate my future work efforts to UX Design and Research. The multidisciplinary experience won’t be lost as I see the many pathways to which it’s an interconnected part of the user experience process, working with teams and vendors and maybe most importantly, the solutions we develop for end users and how we plan to continually improve on their needs.

User Experience

User Research
Brand Audits
Comparative Analysis
Job stories
Journey Maps
User Flows

UI Design

System Design
Application Design


General Development
Ecosystem Development

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